Lignée - 2017 -

Shortlisted in the accesories prize of the 32nd Internatinal Fashion & Photography Festival

in Hyères, France.


Jewellery collection drawing thin lines on the body composed by thin lines drawing themselves
on the body.

This collection is inspired by the instinctive gesture of the paintings seen on some native populations.

As one of the first ornamental gesture of humanity, body-painting exists since time immemorial demonstrating a universal creativity connecting humans together in rituals, of magical, mystical or religious activities. In the Omo Valley in South Ethiopia, the marks are traced with a lot a freedom and expressivity enhancing the capacities of the ornamented bodies, to make them stronger, more confident or charming.

The jewellery collection Lignée uses the line as a tool that can evolve freely in a light body gesture.
The pieces are drawn on the body, sliding in its curves with smoothness and delicacy. The fineness of the jewels allows it to evolve and vibrate with the moves of its wearer. Each line waves and lives, enhancing the body parts it is connected to expressing its emotions.

Produced in a thin steel sheet chemically cutted, the pieces are very light and delicate and seams almost unreal. Playing with the elasticity of the material, small clips are directly drawn on the outlines of the jewels to create a simple closing strap without addition of material.

It is then a graphical element that gives a strong identity to the collection.


Sets of jewels composed of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings.

0.15 mm stainless steel polished, plated with gold and rose gold.

In house designer for Côte&ciel in 2014/2015.


Côte&ciel creates bags, backpacks and sleeves for men and women that enable your travels. Each with an emphasis on innovative design and fabric research.


Collection of wallets, key and card holder

These products are  based on simple contruction principles. Every piece is built with two pieces of leather that goes from the inside to the outside revealing its colors through pockets.

Cacti 2014


This bag is composed with a double layer of fabric, that allow the rope of the handles to slide indide a give structure to the objet.

By pulling it, the bag folds on itself following the seams. While its volume shrinks, it gives more protection to small objets inside.


hand sewn prototype, nylon, polyesther.

Altotratus  2014


This lamp brings the Led in a household environment to succeed to the traditional light as bulbs and tubes. In this ceiling lamp, the light source disappears to give the illusion that the it is not a technical piece but a material. The diffuser becomes the light and thus brings it texture and lightness, letting the light source disapear.


injected aluminium caps, extruded aluminium, 2 x module LED, injected PE center piece, steel thread structure, washi paper.

Ligne d'arrivée - 2013


The lines of the olympique stadium spread off to run along the body.

‘Ligne d’arrivée’ is an inox bracelets collection turning the lines of the athletism stadium into motif.


inox 0.15mm chimical cutting, gold and rose gold plated.

Suffoquée 2011 - in collaboration with Sibylle Delclaux,

produced by Néolice.



The tapestry links closely its pattern to the tangible material that composes it. The cotton and wool stitches depicts the smoke particles with an overabundance of material, creating three-dimensional patterns on the surface of the tapestry.

 It’s also a play on the contrast between the fleeting nature of such a spectacle and its format, from which the pattern builds itself trough time.


6 wool and cotton threads, numeric aubusson weaving,

Honey 2011


The large rings allow to catch the honey and share it in a better way, and make the spoon hold on the side of the pot.


hand carved box tree.

Leather gloves - handmade in 2013

Shoes - handmade in 2013

Paillé 2016


This bench refered to the traditional rush seats found in the country houses. It is made with two frames that supports themselves together and are maintained  with the weaved straw. Thus, the technique it essential for the confort of the bench and to its stability, and brings it a strong historical and graphical identity.

Skholè 2014


This chair invites us to relax. Suspended on top of its feet, it it constructed in a way that does not allow the body to feel the metal structure. The place to sit on, is very soft and gives maximum confort in a light apperance.


steel structure, mig welding, foam seat, polyester stripes, caoutchouc, cotton jersey, hand sewn.

Pullers for the luxury collections.

Range of backpacks for the basic collection.


Table with extensible leaves - solid ash - made in 2014

Shelf - solid ash - made in 2014

Dérobée 2011


Protection for precious objets.The leather enveloppes and objet in one gesture, inprisoning it. Only the owner of ‘Dérobée’ can unlock the clasp.


embossed and anodized aluminium, polyesther ribbon, leather, magnets.

Coat - wool and cotton - handmade in 2015

© mayeul reignault